Sat Tarjetas de Crédito



Credit Card Scrutiny and Immediate Invoicing on Bankcard Payments

Several news and information are spreading over the Internet about the scrutiny on credit cards    enforced by the SAT (Mexican Tax Administration System) on the use of credit cards, which has raised doubts and set alarms amongst taxpayers. It is true that SAT announced that starting 2020 taxpayers could be issued an immediate invoice when paying with […]



Work risks How to identify one within your company

As it is already known, all theemployers that have employees must calculate their risk premium through an annual revision of the work accidents or sicknesses that their employees had the year before the filing of the report. The classification is established when the employer starts his/her activities in a workplace and/or the operation procedures are modified, which[…]



Factura 3.3 – What you need to know

The new version of the CFDI (Fiscal Electronic Invoice) has turned out to be a headache for some people, since the authorities have been saying that all that is needed is the RFC, but in practice this is not real. There are other fields in the invoice that need to be filled for it to be valid. These[…]



Real Estate Brokers – Subjects to the Anti-Money Laundering Law

As follow up of what has been written here in past entries , the Anti-Money Laundering Law classifies a number of activities considered as vulnerable. Among these, the Real Estate Brokers are obligated to the compliance of this Law. According to this Law, it is considered as a vulnerable activity “the common or professional provision of services of intermediation in[…]



Simulated Operations and EFOS

Currently one of the deductions that judge the tax authority (SAT) with more severely is the payment of professional services, because it has been under his criteria a frequent mechanism to tax avoidance, used for deduction of bills paid to assumptions suppliers, and that not exist evidence of having carried any work, that the price at which[…]